Daniel Carbery

President and CEO

Daniel Carbery is the President and General Manager of Amring. He is responsible for creating the strategic vision and operating plan for the company. Mr. Carbery is charged with driving a talented leadership team to build a new generic drug company, one that’s based on high quality products, committed employees, enduring and trusting customer relationships, global business partnerships and complete integrity.

Mr. Carbery has a successful track record building and leading franchises and serving a national consumer audience through healthcare and retail distribution channels. Before becoming a founding leader and head of Amring, Mr. Carbery was Chief Executive Officer and Board Director for Axcentria Pharmaceuticals. Previously, he held positions of increasing managerial and executive responsibility for companies including Endo Pharmaceuticals, Procter & Gamble, Nabisco and GlaxoSmithKline.

Mr. Carbery has expertise in commercial management, product development, and total supply chain activities at the national and global levels. He has proved to be a sophisticated strategist and an expert at leading operations across a range of functions, including R&D, engineering, plant operations, marketing, product development and market development. Mr. Carbery has provided strategic and business counsel to major organizations and startups.

Mr. Carbery graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and earned his MBA from Rutgers University.